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How about joining in a tea ceremony?

What do you think we actually do at the tea ceremony?  You can experience the tea ceremony gathering and take a part in the party as a guest!

Also, you can make your own MATCHA by yourself after the gathering!

・ The tea gathering will take about 40 minutes, depending on the number of the guests.

・2-5 person available at a time

・price  ¥4000 per person

   including matcha tea and Japanese sweet

PLACE:  2F,    5-14-1 Minamimachi, 
    Minami-ward, Hiroshima-city
  ・5 minites walk from
    the train stop "minami-machi-6cyoume"
​    which is H9 and U9 with train NO.1, 3, or 5.
    train  map 
  ・20minites from the Peace Memorial Park 
​  ・20minites from Hiroshima Station
 tea room MAP English.jpg
スクリーンショット 2018-04-21 1-1.03.21.png

​Going up this stairs to the 2nd floor

tea experience in Doshisha
American studets join our tea gathring
tea experience with chair
tea ceremony experience for kids
tea ceremony in English
exchange students to Hirosima enjoy the tea ceremony
tea ledle
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