How about joining in a tea ceremony?

What do you think we actually do at the tea ceremony?  You can experience the tea ceremony gathering and take a part in the party as a guest!

Also, you can make your own MATCHA by yourself after the gathering!

・ The tea gathering will take about 45 minutes, depending on the number of the guests.

・2-5person available

・price  ¥2500 per person

            ¥1000 per under 12 kids

   including matcha tea and Japanese sweet

PLACE:  2F,    5-14-1 Minamimachi, 
    Minami-ward, Hiroshima-city
  ・5 minites walk from
    the train stop "minami-machi-6cyoume"
​    which is H9 and U9 with train NO.1, 3, or 5.
    train  map 
  ・20minites from the Peace Memorial Park 
​  ・20minites from Hiroshima Station

​Going up this stairs to the 2nd floor

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Last Update 2021/04/18